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There are a lot of exciting learning opportunities, from working in organic gardens to hands-on work in all aspects of growing and making chocolate.

We are looking for long-term workers who are passionate about plants and the land. People who are not afraid to get dirty making compost, pulling weeds, planting trees, communing with nature, and eating chocolate. Volunteering is an excellent way to broaden your education and practical farming experience. We provide a contemplative place to feel the energetic connection between the land and the work we are doing. It is a good place for individuals who are motivated and creative, as there are continuously many projects in motion that all need fresh input and attention. We work hard to sustain a healthy and happy community amongst our volunteers by encouraging everyone to be mindful, communicative and open. We inspire you to incorporate learning into all aspects of your day, even if the learning is simply taking a moment to, literally, stop and smell the flowers. Nanea Chocolate gives you sense that you are truly part of the larger picture and that the work you are doing is contributing to a greater cause. In our unwavering dedication to building community through working with the land, our ohana has bestowed volunteers the everlasting connection with Kauai. Organic farming is a bountiful gift.


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We are located at East Kaua’i, HI, USA

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